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We Attract Motivated Buyers For Your Pre Con Projects

Through various touch points and digital advertising platforms, we're able to acquire leads and turn them into ActiveLeads.

Buyers Request Access & Go Through Our Active Journeys

Everyone who requests access will undergo our custom Active Journeys and touch points that are designed to educate and qualify to filter ActiveLeads.

You will be positioned as a project expert throughout our marketing journeys and systems.

You Get Matched with ActiveLeads & Receive Appointments

Sit back and watch your ActiveLeads flow into your CRM and see 2X more appointment rate.

Privacy And Data Integrity

Every ActiveLead is shared exclusively with you and your assigned team. Rest assure that the ActiveLeads information acquired you by you is never shared with any other agent or company.

In addition the accuracy of the information your receive about ActiveLead is always accurate and up to date. In case you receive  invalid contact information, we will honour you 100% money back guaranteed.


Who are ActiveLeads for?

ActiveLeads are for agents who have allocations to any pre-construction projects in any city and want to scale their real estate business without affecting their cashflow.

Where do ActiveLeads come from?

Top Realty Space Owns a proprietary algorithm to identify and attract real estate investors who are looking to purchase their next property, while nurturing and qualifying with third party data processors for validation. All of this action happens when someone searches for a specific project on the web or surfing through the net.  

Are ActiveLeads exclusive?

Yes, ActiveLead is 100% exclusive in all our plans, we never share or sell the data of your ActiveLeads to any other agents or companies.

Is there a sign up fee?

No, there’s no sign up or set up fee! Simply pay for the ActiveLeads when you've receive them only.

Can I run more than one project simultaneously?

Yes, you can run multiple projects in any city within North America if you have approved allocation.

How many ActivceLeads will turn into Clients?

Depending on your skills and your experience in the real estate industry, you could be closing from 1% to 7%, we’ve even seen some of our agents close up to 10%.

How much do ActiveLeads Cost?

Our pricing model is variable and it provides a different price point for ActiveLeads in different  configurations. Some attributes that help shape our pricing such as quantity and commitment.

How do I get started?

Simply head over to our Request Demo page and fill out the form, one of our account managers will be in touch with you to help you get set up :)

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